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Dog Walking

We will walk your dog tailored to their own specific needs.  Whether it be a run accross the fields or a gentle stroll in the park.  We either walk them on a one to one basis or pair them with a suitable friend.  We will bring them home, wipe paws and settle them for a long sleep until you return.  


Cat visits

Cats can become easily stressed if they are placed in an alien environment so this service is designed to allow your cat to stay at home whilst you are away.  There is also the security of having a daily visit to your house.  During the visit your cat will be made a fuss of, fed and litter trays cleaned out.


Small Furries

A daily visit to your pet so they can be fed, checked over and cleaned out. (fish and birds free of charge if included in a visit to another pet)

Dog Sitting 

If you have a puppy or a dog that hates being left on it's own, we will come to your house and sit with them until you return, this way your four-legged friend will not get up to mischief or be lonely.