About Lois-Paws-Galore Pet Services





  1.                                                                                                                                                                                  My life has always been involved with animals, from a young child I have always had pets of my     own.  I was a Veterinary Nurse for 13 years and learnt how to care for a large variety of animals.  The     practice I worked at was  heavily involved with the RSPCA and so I was privileged to look after all   different kinds of British wildlife such as foxes,  badgers and birds. My fondest memory was a rather   splendid heron, which had to be fed on a daily diet of fish heads.

 Whilst working at the vets, I was always bringing various different animals home to nurse back to health   and it was  wonderful to see the transformation.

 Setting up a dog walking business seemed a natural progression, 16 years later I'm am still loving it and   can't think of  anything I'd rather be doing.

 I always felt it was my vocation to work with animals and I feel very lucky and honoured that dream has    been fulfilled.




                           I have worked alongside Lois for 3 years helping her look after, walk and feed a wide range of different dogs and cats.  I love walking and caring for every single one and do so as if they were my own.  I have always had a family dog and currently have two very bouncy Boxers, so I am used to handling boisterous behaviour.  Being a Dog Walker really is great, it doesn't even feel like work when I'm out it the fresh air and sunshine with your pets.  I love every minute.