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    Lois has provided me with an invaluable service over the last two years for both Dog Walking and                                  Dogsitting. Whether I am out at work or away on holiday I am happy in the knowledge that Simba                                  couldn't have a better carer. 
    It's immediately obvious that Lois has a true love of animals and this is reflected in Simba's happiness."

- Nicola, Rochester - 2009

"Trusting a complete stranger to look after my very kooky and demanding cat was a big decision for me to make. Having already left her in a cattery last year and ending up with a large vets bill on my return from holiday, due to my cat pining and sulking, had made me very nervous, and had made leaving her difficult.
However, I have just returned from a weeks holiday having left Boo in the capable hands of Lois. I could not have chosen anyone better. 
Lois made two visits to my home prior to my holiday, to introduce herself to me and to answer any questions that I might have.
Her manner was one of complete confidence, her sensible, practical tips made leaving the cat much easier for me, and seeing her expertly handling my pet left me with no doubt of her expertise.
Text messages while I was away reassured me that things were ok at home and allowed me to trust that Boo was in safe hands.
On my return, my cat looked healthier than she ever has, happy temperament , shiny coat and totally undisturbed by my not being at home.
Lois had kept all of her feeding bowls spotlessly clean, and had left my house as to my instructions. She had even cleared up a large dead pigeon that Boo had bought in as a gift !
I would highly recommend Lois to anyone considering leaving their pet at home while they are away. She provides an excellent service which is totally professional, and her kindness and attention to detail are second to none.
Making her acquaintance has been an absolute pleasure."

-Melanie Combe
r Rochester - 2009


   "Lois has been working with our Dylan for nearly 2 years now and she has been such a support for us. We cannot fault       her care and attention for our beloved pooch and the fact she is a qualified nurse really puts our mind at ease. She         doesnt only walk Dylan but looks after him at home which allows us to go away for a couple of days knowing he is in         the best hands. Dylan adores her and he is always excited to spend time with her while Lois is great at dealing with a       greedy and determined beagle.  Lois has helped us looking after Dillie during really tough times and while he has been     very poorly and we shall remain forever grateful for her kindness and professionalism. We cannot thank and recommend     her enough".

   Pilar Bustamante, Sittingbourne - 2015


    I have used Lois as a petsitter for my dogs for several years now and have always been very happy with the service         that she provides.  It is great to know that the dogs have been kept in routine and remained happily in their home           environment whilst we are away.  My youngest (and now my only) dog is epileptic so I need someone trustworthy to           medicate her twice a day.  Lois has always done this without fuss which is so reassuring!  I also use her services for         day sitting on occasions and, again, I know that my instructions will be rigidly adhered to unlike other sitters who I         have used in the past!!
   My dog is always delighted to see her and goes mad on her arrival (doesn't want to know us!!). I think that this               speaks for itself 😁.

   Pam Cole, Wigmore - 2015


   Lois has been walking my Greyhound for over a year.  During that time I've been extremely happy with            the care, attention and service Lois has provided both to my dog and myself.  My Greyhound has regular            problems with his feet, knowing Lois is Veterinary trained puts my mind at rest, as I can pass on required          information and know she'll spot signs of any problems developing.  Lois has always been particularly              helpful to me as I have called on her at short notice to add or cancel a walk.  She has always done her              best to accommodate walking Will.  On the days I have been home, when Lois has called in to collect Will,     I    have been impressed by her calm and friendly manner.  I have no reservations in recommending Lois to            anyone that needs a dog walker.  Will and I are very pleased we have her onboard! 

   Julie Robinson, Sittingbourne - 2015


   We like to take holidays on occasions through the year and usually take our cats to a cattery, however both our cats         are nervous and the experience is always so traumatic for them. Even once we return it can take several days                 afterwards to settle back into home life. 
   We thought to try a local person to visit them instead and called Lois, we were obviously nervous at first, the idea         of someone else in your home and relying on them looking after your loved pets. But what a fantastic move this has         turned out to be, Lois has proved to be so dependable and importantly gained our cats trust, and when we return             it's noticeable how relaxed they are and how we are forgiven for leaving almost immediately.
   We have been so pleased with the service, we use Lois every time we go away even for short weekend breaks, safe           in the knowledge our cats are well looked after and fussed, our house has regular visits so we know all is well and we       can relax and enjoy our breaks that much more. 
   We have used Lois now for a few years and can recommend her services to anyone who treasures their pets.

   Gus Bruce, Teynham - 2015
   Having used Lois a few times now for my cat Poppy, visiting twice a day. I have always felt happy to leave her                 knowing she will be looked after in a caring and professional way. Poppy was a rescue cat and she is nervous around         people but she took to Lois and has even allowed her a cuddle or two. Clearly an animal lover and totally reliable, I       would happily recommend Lois to anyone.

   Gayner Moore, Teynham - 2015 


   Lois and her team are great, they deliver a professional and friendly service whilst being flexible, always happy             to accommodate any changes to routines even at short notice including walking at weekends.  Thank you all so               much!!
   Kirsty Huges, Teynham - 2017


Lois has provided an amazing service for our dog Archie.  She has been so caring and adapatable to Archie, who we know looks forward to when she comes to take him for a walk.   Lois has always been very flexible and very friendly.  I can't recommend Lois' services enough - she'll definitely provide a great service for your dog.
Ricky Bonham, Sittingbourne - 2017


When I first started looking for a dog walker For my beagle Mia I had concerns about Someone other than me walking her, and if they would look after her the way I do, however upon meeting Lois I knew instantly I had nothing to worry about. Lois is brilliant with Mia considering I know how hard work Mia can be to walk. Lois is adaptable to my shift pattern and is always available to help with Mia at short notice. I know that when Lois walks Mia she is in safe happy hands and I have no concerns. For all the time Mia is with us I know she will continually be well walked and loved by Lois. High recommend Lois and her team. I wouldn't be able to have my dog without Lois
Kailey, Sittingbourne - 2018